Thursday, January 23, 2014

What I Have Learned About My Body, My Thyroid, and My Weight

Oh boy.  Well, in a nutshell--I have to exercise every day.

Every single day.

Some form of aerobic exercise: walking, jogging, swimming.

30 minutes, really.  Not a lot.

But every day?

Yes, if I want to eat actual food.  Not junk food.  Just food.  That I cook.

I had no idea, really.  Not until the light bulb popped up over my head when I weighed in this morning 3 lbs heavier than when I started Atkins last week.

Big time sad face.  I hate my thyroid.

I'm going to have to learn to love exercise more than I love chillin'.

I can't wait until my lap-band fill on the 29th.

That is all.

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