Thursday, January 9, 2014

Walking: A Way to Reconnect

Exercise has never been fun for me; I've always seen it as a chore.  The thought of waking up and doing the same video or planned workout that was done yesterday (and the day before...and the day before that...) in the middle of my living room bores and frustrates me.  Yet, in contrast, I've been athletically-minded my entire life.  Not in the "team play/sports" sense, but in the "playing" sense.  I like to be outside, I like to kick a ball around or ride a bike.  I love to tool around with plants.  I used to love roller skating (and really need to get back into it).  I adore swimming.  But one of my favorite things to do is walk.  I just love to go on walks!  I especially like to walk and birdwatch (I'm secretly retired, in my head...).  I like to be able to take it all in and marvel at God's works.  Here in San Antonio, we are never far from some of the most beautiful terrain and foliage in Texas.  Even as close as a mile down the road, we have some lovely greenways that the city has put in, weaving through wooded areas behind suburbs and commercial buildings as if they were never even there.  You feel very remote, especially when you can't hear the cars from the road anymore.  Suddenly, you find yourself in a beautiful forest, or a canyon, or even a dry riverbed full of smooth white limestone rocks.

One of my favorite walks--Lost Maples State Park, a little over an hour from us. 

As I meander along the trails, I find myself deep in thought, working out the day's events, trying to figure out what I need to do in the days to come.  In my mind, I thank God for the day and for my life.  I tell Him of the mistakes and poor choices I've made (and I am so embarrassed when I put them all out there!).  I ask Him to help guide me in my week and my month, to overcome obstacles in my path; to help me remove my negativity, my anxiety, my stress.  I ask Him for protection of my marriage and my children. I ask Him for help to make me a better person, the person I know He wants me to be.  I think of what I need to work on with the girls, what I'd like to cook for Matt, and mostly, that I'd love them all there walking with me (even though I love my alone time!). Invariably, after all of that, I begin to feel calm and a sense of peace.  I take photos, I stop and pick up leaves, I stand stock-still and quietly watch deer cross my path just yards ahead as if I were not even there.  I feel very close to the Lord and can almost sense a tiny inkling of His vision for the world.  It amazes me every single time.  I never get bored; I never dread; I'm never frustrated.  And that is how it should be in our relationship with God.  It should not be a chore.  It should not be frustrating.  It should be a renewal, each day, a chance for us to marvel at His works in our lives and thank Him for it.  Every day!  So, on freezing cold days, or burning-hot, humid summer days...what does one do?  That is a real challenge for me.  This week has been especially hard, because it has been so cold (and wet) that I've barely left my chair, let alone my house!  I've realized that I've been further away from God as a result of this.  Yesterday I was given a very clear message: get back to it, slacker!  This morning has been a time of quiet reflection and I am grateful for having the ability to sit in my toasty house, sip coffee, and enjoy it all.  Tomorrow, it looks like things will dry up and the sun should come out.  Havana and I will head for the park.  Enjoy your day!


  1. love this... great encouragement to pursue my new word... RENEW!

  2. That's such a profound and appropriate word. I love that you chose it. I know that I could use some renewal! :-)