Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Facebook Misses Me

Wow--just 5 days into my self-imposed exile from Facebook, I began receiving emails in my inbox that is associated with my Facebook account.  I've gotten one for the last three days, and they're worded very carefully: "Here's notifications you've missed" and "a lot has happened since you last logged on". Little bit creepy. *eyeroll* Anyway...

It's just now getting to the above-freezing mark here in San Antonio at 10:30AM.  Seriously.  I am not cut out for colder climes, that is for sure!  The normal high for January 7 is 62*F.  The high today is supposed to be 40*F.  FORTY!!  What is that?  That is not a daytime temp!  That is a dalliance...an anomaly...a possibility...of a NIGHTTIME temp!  As in, oooh, it's going to be 40?  I best bust out my fuzzy jammies and turn on the heater! Let's have cocoa for dinner! ...But during the day...?  This is madness.  Oh hey, I know there are places much colder.  My Aunt Cindy and all my cousins are in Chicago, wondering where they left their fingertips in their -15 (let's face it, you start getting in the negatives, the concept of how cold that is really goes out the window) temps.

meanwhile, in Canada...

Anyhooooo...I've been parked in my recliner for the better part of....oh ALL MORNING, because I can't seem to budge from under this blanket.  I really should have bought a Snuggie.  I am now beginning to see the value in one.  However, this fab afghan that my grandma knitted in 1983 is so doggone warm and toasty, I just don't want to go anywhere.  Unfortunately, my fireplace is not roaring, as there hasn't been a shred of decent firewood in this town for about two weeks.  People have gobbled it up.  Yet another thing I guess I need to learn about living in SA.  Houston is so different in that regard--you can find firewood anywhere.  There is literally never a shortage. Here, people run out and it's like, they don't understand the whole supply-demand economic law thingie. 

All this to say: I'm currently mapping out my big plans for spring.  Shyeah, I am!  Hello, it's just like, a month away!  Okay, two, but really, it's gonna go by pretty quickly, and February is when we'll get the big tease, a few 70*F days...and that's when I'll really go nuts.  But I have a little Kindergartener who has a 6th (gasp...sniffle) birthday coming up in March and we have a couple of options.  We can have a small party here with a Lego Friends theme.  Paige is in LOVE with Lego Friends.  Lego Friends is geared toward girls.  For those of you that don't know, the Women's Lib Brigade is all up in arms about them--they're quite the controversial toy.  They don't like that they're pink & purple, girly, and involve Lego cupcakes and puppies and horses.  Because, you know, girls hate that crap, right? *sigh*  Let little girls like what they like!  Don't force it.  If they like baseball (which my girls do, as well) then great!  But for heaven's sake, if they like cupcakes and pink, let them do so lest you be the same criticizing mom you were hoping to avoid becoming. No harm in it, and you can still teach them how to be anything in the world they want to be, no matter what they choose to play with. :-)  I digress...I have a Pinterest board FULL of fun ideas for a Lego Friends party.  She may even want one next year, who knows?  There's other options, as well.  One of them is heading to Dallas to LegoLand, another is just hanging out here and doing something special in San Antonio.  I'm not sure just yet.

Welp, I gotta get moving.  The coffee is hitting me and I've got to get this house un-decorated for Christmas. :-(  I'm having a hard time letting go of it!  The girls loved it so much, really grasped the concept and magic of it all this year.  Even with a stomach bug, it was wonderful. 

Have a great day today! 


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  1. Love hearing how y'all are doing! Happy warmer days ahead! -Jenn