Monday, January 13, 2014

Back on the Wagon!

Hoooooooowee!  We are back on the low-carb Atkins wagon after a month and 13 days off.  That was rough.  I gained 15 lbs between Thanksgiving and now.  It's not been pretty.  I didn't eat any more than your average bear, but it was a TON in comparison to what I was eating prior to Thanksgiving. I also was not really exercising at all, so that didn't make things any better.

This morning, however, I awoke at 5.  Well, that's not true.  I actually woke up at 4:29.  I had to go to the bathroom.  Then I came back to bed, but I realized...I only have a half-hour before I have to get up so I was tossing and turning until my alarm went off. I was kind of excited--because this morning was my first day back to yoga in about 12 years.  I bought Rodney Yee's Beginning Yoga DVD and could not wait to get started.  It was lovely!  Yoga is such a great way to start the day.  I'm super proud of Matt, too, as he got up and did his kettlebell workout.  I know that was hard for him, so he gets extra points.

This morning, getting back to my usual, pre-holiday routine, I popped a small handful (about 5-7) almonds--roasted, salted--in my mouth immediately after my yoga, which was roughly 20 minutes after I awakened.  I like to do that within ten minutes upon wakeup but was a little late this morning with it as I was too excited about the yoga.  I will either make myself a fried egg with some ham (150 cals, 0 net carbs) or I will have an Atkins shake (160 cals, 2 net carbs) here in about an hour.  Eating a small bit of almonds or cheese right after you wake up is a great kick-start for your metabolism.  A lot of people I know can't stand to eat breakfast right away, or even at all.  I'm like that, too, much to my body's detriment.  Unfortunately, when you do that, you set off a chain reaction in your body that results in a desperate need, according to your brain (having released the hormone ghrelin), for carbs/sugar, and by 10AM or thereabouts, you will be starving for something you probably don't really want to eat.  If you wait until lunch, you really might be in trouble and order way too many calories and carbohydrates. You can read more about ghrelin here:
So, tomorrow morning, go in and get your coffee poured up and grab a few almonds or a half a stick of string cheese and scarf it down right away.  Try it for a week and see if you notice any changes.

I am also trying a new experiment, based on the success of drugs like Alli: I'm eating a small bit of low-fat dairy with my meals.  Normally, I am not a proponent of low-fat anything--however, there are studies to back up the idea that eating low-fat dairy along with a meal helps whisk some of the fat from the other foods in that meal out of our bodies without absorption.  That means, when less fat is absorbed, so are less calories.  Dr. Michael Mosley, of whom I've not kept a secret I adore, is the person that brought this to my attention through his show 10 Things You Need to Know About Losing Weight.  It's an interesting documentary highlighting some of the more common mistakes that are made while dieting.  Another very interesting point made in the documentary is the idea that soup is much more filling, and for a longer time, than a meal of equal calories with a drink.  The thought is, eat food with no drink and you'll be fuller longer, or just have a nice bowl of soup.  I have a few low-carb favorites as far as soup goes; Creamy Wild Mushroom and Cream of Spinach are two delicious ones that I have plans to make this week.   Tonight, however, I am using the Meyer lemons from my yard and making a low-carb, light version of Chicken Piccata.  It is so good!  The only thing I eliminate is the flour.  We'll also have some baby greens, and some broccoli.

We're hoping to continue our momentum through spring, for the next 12 weeks before we re-evaluate, make changes, etc. to our "program".  Matt's goal is to be down 20 pounds by that point.  Mine is to just be...down! LOL!  I've learned not to have too many expectations.  I will also continue to post our progress as we move on down the road.

Happy Monday!


  1. I really need to get back into yoga!

    1. It's amazing the difference it made in my strength and stress levels, even that long ago. I am really glad I bought this. I like Rodney's style, he's very clear on the proper poses, which is helpful to me, I can barely remember Downward Facing Dog! LOL!

  2. Once this cedar dies down a bit it ought to be nice enough to get out and walk some, and I'm hoping bspmcd will let me do some P90X3 with my hubby! Sounds like y'all are on track!