Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day for Teachers

I found an adorable idea on Pinterest not too long ago.  It was a gift for teachers for Valentine's Day--a bowl full of fruit with cute little stickers on them.  I thought that was a great idea for Paige's Mother's Day Out group--teachers and admins--since they were going to be eating a lot of chocolate today. The fruit could be a healthy alternative.  Because, you know, everyone wants to be healthy on Valentine's Day. LOL.

My sister-in-law Jennifer sent me a template for me to use with my plain sticker paper (just use a paper punch when you're done printing).  I went to H-E-B and bought $26 worth of Honeycrisp apples, $5 worth of Clementines, and then drove to Hobby Lobby where I paid less than $9 for a cute basket with a handle.

Here are my beautiful apples after being washed thoroughly:

Honeycrisps are so big and delicious!  Green stems mean super-fresh.

...and yummy, easy-to-peel California Clementines. 

here they are, all finished.

The oranges say "Orange you glad you're my Valentine?" 

The apples say, "You're the Apple of my Eye".

This was for the entire staff, or roughly 20 people.  A creative, simple, inexpensive gift that you could actually do any time of the year.   They loved it!

Here's some free printable fruit tags: and you can buy sticker sheets from this gal here, for just $8!

Pin this for next year!  You won't regret it.  BTW, did I mention I am having a contest next week?  I sure am...stay tuned!

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