Friday, January 11, 2013

Valentine's Day Treat for Friends - Raspberry Sugar Hugs

I've been experimenting with some fun little treats for my friends and my daughters' friends.  I've always loved Peanut Butter Blossoms--the yummy, sweet peanut butter cookie with a chocolatey Hershey's Kiss perched right on top.  They're absolutely delicious!  Naturally, when I saw the limited-edition Raspberry Hugs version of the Hershey's Kiss...well, my mind was reeling at the possibilities.

I present to you...Raspberry Sugar Hugs!

Aren't they purdy little things?

They're super easy.  Use your favorite sugar cookie mix or recipe...
Roll into 1" balls...
and coat in sprinkles from your favorite Valentine's Day palette.


Bake as directed (do not let cookies brown) and take out to cool for a few moments.  Unwrap several Hershey's Hugs...

and place one in the center of each cookie.  Then wait.

When you can't stand it anymore (or about 5 minutes), heh heh...transfer each cookie to a cooling rack.  You will see that the Hugs do an amazing thing--they flatten out into beautiful buttons of glistening white chocolate with raspberry stripes.  If yours don't completely flatten right away, just be patient.  They will eventually.  You can help out if you feel confident enough by picking up the cookie just about an inch off the rack and "dropping" it back down on the rack.  That should do it.

Take a toothpick and swirl it through the should make a little design.

Voilá!  Pretty little button cookie.  Delicious, as well! 

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