Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Little Post About....Transgressions... *blush*

Well, I had a great time in Florida.  No, scratch that.  A fabulous time.  Unfortunately, so did my appetite for sweets.  Needless to say, I was up two pounds at the gym when I got back on Tuesday--though I suspect it was mostly water as I have since lost it.  But, let's take a look back at what I ate, and how MUCH I ate.  I chowed down probably too much fast food on the way down there, then too much fried shrimp, then too many desserts (Orange Crunch Cake at the Bubble Room, anyone?). Clearly I am eating more than I should be able to, so...I think it is time for a fill.  I am working off of willpower currently, and that's great, but at some point I've got to make sure my tool is working for me, so I've made the decision to do this.  Matt says I'm probably not eating what I think I am, but I know that isn't true.  My hunger is definitely catching up in between meals and I need to do something.  My doctor said I should be eating meals the size of a Happy Meal--that's the equivalent of 4 Chicken McNuggets, and a small fry.  Well, I'm able to eat more along the lines of 6 McNuggets and a small fry.  And a cookie.  Or two.  *groan*

Anyway, I will keep you all updated as to when I get my fill.  I am calling Dr. C tomorrow. In the meantime, since I've been home, I've been staying away from sweets, drinking only water (no Crystal Light), and trying to avoid "trigger foods".  I have also gone back to my regular workout routine with my trainer, though today was far from "regular" LOL--we've upped my exercise for sure!  I love being able to reach a heartrate of 140 without feeling like I am totally dying.  It's great!

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