Monday, April 18, 2011

I Can See Already This is Going to Be the Biggest Battle of My Life.

I realize it's been a while since I posted last, and part of my accountability is posting in my blog.  So here I am.

I've had a lot of trouble this month.  I have not been able to keep much down, and for a while there, I couldn't keep anything down.  I am still having some trouble with certain foods, and I suppose I always will.  I thought I would need to get an unfill, but to be perfectly honest, I am not sure that is what I need.  I think what I need is a course entitled "Cutting 101" as in cutting my food into teeny tiny bits.  Then I have to learn to chew them properly.  If I don't, I get into big trouble.  I did have a couple of PBs this weekend, but on the whole, I've done better this weekend than I have any day since I got my fill.

The frustrating thing about all of this is that even though I was working out, and virtually not eating, I actually gained water weight from my workouts.  It really put me in a funk last week.  However, I am now back down to what I was April 8--275.  It was insane that I gained 5 lbs in water, but I did.  So hopefully, my body has gotten the message that the workouts are a regular thing and it won't go into "survival mode".  Old habits die hard, even for fat cells. :-)


  1. It very well could be a bite size and chewing issue. But if you are chewing well and still having trouble, don't be afraid to get a small deflate. I was scared to do it, but when I finally did (just a tweak), I felt so much better and actually had a better "diet" because of it. Good luck!

  2. Beth Ann, you might be right and I will def. take that into consideration. I did great today! Probably took in 1100 cals without one single PB. I am wondering if one of the posters on Lap Band Talk isn't right on with the whole "swelling" thing? Have you ever had swelling for a while after a fill? My DH says perhaps all the PBing continued to make me swollen. I dunno, but things are definitely better than they were a week ago!!

  3. The best explanation I've seen for water retention after intense exercise is how your body must deal with lactic acid. When muscle cells are overtaxed, the body cannot get enough oxygen to them in order to burn sugar efficiently. Thus, muscle cells will convert sugar into lactic acid for a relatively small amount of energy just to get out of their current predicament. After the party's over though, muscle cells lack the enzymes necessary to use the rest of the available energy in lactic acid, even when enough oxygen is available.

    The good news is that the liver does. The bad news is that water retention occurs while getting the lactic acid to the liver. Right now, I can’t really find a consensus as to exactly why the water retention occurs. One hypothesis is that since lactic acid has a low pH and blood is neutral, extra water is necessary to balance out the acidity of the lactic acid hitting the bloodstream. Blood has an excellent buffering system though, so I’m not sure I’m buying that. Another hypothesis is one of osmotic pressure: water flows into the affected muscle tissue because of the relatively high concentration of lactic acid in comparison to that found in the blood. Water won’t leave the tissue until the lactic acid level is reduced, which may take a while depending on how well equipped one‘s body is in dealing with the issue.

    In any case, as long as one actively exercises to the point of overtaxing muscle tissue, water retention will occur. The better in shape one is though, the faster the water retention will be resolved. Instead of days to take care of a lactic acid buildup (and therefore days of water retention), it will only be hours. The circulatory system will work better for one. Secondly, the liver will become used to dealing with a steady stream of lactic acid; this would be similar to a teetotaler becoming a steady drinker. If it hasn’t been presented with a lot lactic acid (or ethanol) recently, the liver will need time to produce the enzymes necessary to deal with it. If it is presented with a troublesome byproduct like lactic acid or ethanol consistently, the liver will have the enzymes already on hand.

    BTW, this lactic acid issue only emphasizes the importance of stretching and drinking plenty of fluids before and after exercise.

  4. You rock, honey. I heart you!!! Thank you for that awesome explanation.

  5. Drink lots of fluids. It really helps!

    I started bigger than you and I now weigh 169. There is hope! You'll get there.