Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Weigh In Today! WOOHOO!

The scale is moving!  I was 273.2 here at home, which makes me 20 pounds down!   I can't believe it.  I am so excited!  5 more pounds and I get to cut my hair.  20 more pounds and I get to highlight it!  Ah, it's the little things... :-)

Monday, April 18, 2011

I Can See Already This is Going to Be the Biggest Battle of My Life.

I realize it's been a while since I posted last, and part of my accountability is posting in my blog.  So here I am.

I've had a lot of trouble this month.  I have not been able to keep much down, and for a while there, I couldn't keep anything down.  I am still having some trouble with certain foods, and I suppose I always will.  I thought I would need to get an unfill, but to be perfectly honest, I am not sure that is what I need.  I think what I need is a course entitled "Cutting 101" as in cutting my food into teeny tiny bits.  Then I have to learn to chew them properly.  If I don't, I get into big trouble.  I did have a couple of PBs this weekend, but on the whole, I've done better this weekend than I have any day since I got my fill.

The frustrating thing about all of this is that even though I was working out, and virtually not eating, I actually gained water weight from my workouts.  It really put me in a funk last week.  However, I am now back down to what I was April 8--275.  It was insane that I gained 5 lbs in water, but I did.  So hopefully, my body has gotten the message that the workouts are a regular thing and it won't go into "survival mode".  Old habits die hard, even for fat cells. :-)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Omelette in Photos...Step by Step

I thought I'd put together a step-by-step with photos of how I make omelettes.

This is a ham, gruyere, and broccoli omelette btw.  Good stuff.  Of course, you can add your own fillings in any way you like!
Start with an 8" fry pan, adding 1 T. oil and turn heat up to just under medium.

Get your ingredients ready.  We have cooked broccoli, ham (warmed in microwave and cut), and grated gruyere cheese.

Here's a tip: If you are using ham from a pre-sliced container (I'm using Oscar Mayer) then take the whole chunks out and use the shreds in the bottom of the container.

Now prepare your eggs.  I use 3 extra large eggs and 1 T. half-and-half.  I whisk it all for about 30-45 seconds.  I like to get it good and blended and incorporate some air.

Now, pour your eggs directly into the hot pan, pushing the oil out to the edges.  This will actually prevent the eggs from sticking to the sides. You will see that if your edges begin to bubble, your temp is just right.

Using a spatula, sort of push, or lift, an edge of the omelette, and tilt the pan to allow the uncooked liquid to roll down underneath. Continue to do this around the pan until most of the egg is cooked.  It should take no longer than 1 minute.

Now it's time to flip the omelette.  Yes, you can.  Do not shake your head at me.  There is a trick to it that you should know.  The egg should be almost set on top so that when you lift the omelette, nothing runs down underneath anymore.  It will still look "wet", but that's okay.  Pick up the pan in one hand, gather up your confidence, and in one motion, push the pan straight out in front of you while lifting it up. FLIP IT!  :-D (okay, okay, if you can't flip it, you can use a spatula.)

Now for the stuffing:  move your omelette to the edge of the pan.  Put in filling on the side closest to the edge. 

Ever so gently, slide the omelette out of the pan and have the other end come over on top, creating the "lid".  I use the bottom of the pan to sort of push down on top of it while the cheese melts inside, creating a seal.

And there you have it!  I added some more shredded gruyere on top to make it even cheesier.
Add a bit of salt, pepper, and bring your appetite.  I usually split this with Matt for a meal.

Bon Appetit!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Productive Burps and Small Bites

I found Dr. Terry Simpson's website, and love his podcasts!  So it's not chewing that's getting me in trouble as much as the bite size.  He says a bite should be no larger than a pinky fingernail.  Hopefully that will stop some of my PBs!

Weigh-In Drumroll...

Eh, I'm actually up a pound.  275. Oh well!  I guess fluctuation...it will be better next week, I know it!

I'm having trouble with eating...lots of PBs.  I am going to have to look into this further.  It is very annoying, and I know it can't be good for me.  I think I am chewing and eating slowly enough, but maybe not.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I Forgot...to Weigh In!

Whoopsie!  I will weigh in tomorrow AM.  Promise!! :-)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Omelette Queen Reigns Supreme

I am telling you--two years ago I could barely make a fried egg, let alone an omelette.  The best I could do was scrambled eggs, and I won't lie--I can make seriously kick-butt scrambled eggs.  Cheese and green onions added to eggs cooked so soft and tender (but not wet!!) they are clouds of poofy cheesy goodness.

Omelettes, though--well, the thought of them just intimidated the hell out of me.

I started practicing my omelette making skills (? for lack of a better word, LOL) a little over a year ago.  Initially, it was an exercise in futility, because reading about how to make an omelette just doesn't work. I ended up watching several different videos on how to do it properly, and I began experimenting.  All those eggs, burned cheese, dark brown edges (a big no-no), and missteps on fillings...they have paid off, finally.  I've been able to make a pretty sweet omelette now for several months.  I mean, it looks really good.  I can flip it in the pan and everything, just like that wretched Julia Child (okay, I actually love her.). I'm sorry for the brag, but I can't help it.  There are so few things I am actually GREAT at, that I just have to shout this one loud and proud. :-D Tonight, I made a 3-egg fluffy omelette filled with Virginia ham, broccoli, and gruyere.  Matt and I split it.  It was heavenly!  Absolutely heavenly.

Went up to Lifetime tonight and did 30 minutes on the treadmill at a 6 incline and 3.0 mph.  Not a lot, but I'm meeting my trainer Curtis at 10AM tomorrow and I know he is going to kick my ass so I took it easy.  He wants me to register for the 90-day weight loss challenge.  He is totally convinced we will win! LOL.  Should be interesting...

Weigh in tomorrow!  Yay!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Homemade French Onion Soup, or: I'm Pretty Sure Salt is the Devil.

I get this brilliant idea to make French Onion Soup, thanks to Matt's "subtle" hint that the Campbell's in the pantry is not fit for human consumption ("it's got a bad aftertaste!", I believe, is what he said).

I bought beautiful, sweet, yellow onions, cooked them gently in a stick of butter over low heat, added spices and a bay leaf, cooked a looooong time, then added broth, wine, and....more salt.

Well, you know, it was damned delicious.  Matt was enthralled with it, so I know it had to at least be decent.  However, because he liked it, it also had to be loaded with sodium, because that's just how Matt is.  If it's overdone in any way on sugar, fat, or salt, he's all over it like white on rice.  I know some of you out there with husbands/SOs understand that one all too well.

Needless to say, I was up almost three pounds this morning, all of which is water.  I could tell when I woke up and my fingers were puffy.  I am off to the gym as soon as I drop Paige at Mother's Day Out.  Hopefully 30 minutes on the treadmill will work this fluid out!!

(did I mention we're having leftovers tonight?  *sigh* Oh well!)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Learning What Restriction Really Means

I'm officially 18 pounds down since my surgery 6 weeks ago.  I'm 274 now!

Tomorrow marks my first week after my first fill, and I've learned a few things I'd like to share.

#1:  Just because you think you are ready to move on to solids...it doesn't mean you are.

#2: Chew, chew, chew.  When you think you've chewed enough, chew some more. 

#3:  Your eyes are STILL bigger than your stomach (almost literally!). 

#4: Throwing up food that either gets stuck or as a result of eating too much really, really, REALLY sucks.

So take it from me:  the faster you realize this is an experiment on yourself, the better off you'll be.  You are the guinea pig, but you are also the scientist.  Your body will tell you when enough is enough, but I can't stress enough that IT TAKES TIME for your STOMACH to tell YOUR BRAIN this information.  You will be oh-so-sorry if you allow your eyes to dictate how much goes in your mouth.  Your eyes DO NOT COMMUNICATE with your brain in any way other than "HOLY COW THAT STEAK LOOKS GREAT!"  Give your tummy time to absorb what's coming and tell your brain.  If you don't...you will be sorry!  Trust me! :-)

Off topic: Matt and I have been doing some geneaology investigations through Ancestry.com.  I cannot tell you how much joy (and some frustration LOL) this has brought us.  We both have been able to get back quite far; Matt has roots as a billionth (ha) grand nephew to William the Conqueror, and I have roots back to a man that fought with him, from Normandy.  I also found out that I am a descendant to two (so far) direct relations that fought in the Revolutionary War.   I am trying to validate information given to me by my Grandmother that we are somehow related, distantly, to President James Buchanan. There have been some surprises and disappointments along the way: I found out on my Dad's side, his grandmother was Irish Catholic, but the Scotch that gave me my surname of Gregory, that brought about such family pride and identity, is nowhere to be found.  I've hit a dead end with Charles Gregory, who was my Dad's grandfather. It's been quite an adventure, needless to say.  Well, a few months ago, Matt and I took the girls to the Boat and RV show here in San Antonio.  We went to look for a pontoon boat, but ended up falling in love with a Sprint trailer made by Keystone, it's a 35 foot with three slides and a "bunkhouse" for the girls.  It was a great price, and we were very tempted, but we have one problem: we have to have a truck or larger SUV than what we have to pull it.  Since we just bought the minivan last year, we will have to wait for another two years before we can do it, however (and you're wondering how this all ties to genealogy, probably) we both agreed that it would be WONDERFUL to take a geneaology trip once we get it.  We'd go to as many places as we can in a 3 week time span.  When I brought it up, Matt said, "I was TOTALLY thinking that!"

How fun would that be?

Friday, April 1, 2011


I am sorry about the blog comment problems!  I changed the diet blog design to this funky pink one until I find something better.  :-D

Down 16 lbs...and my 4X shirts are TOO BIG!

Wow, what a difference 16 pounds makes.  I'm in 3X Hanes Just My Size t-shirts.  The 4X are entirely too big.  That's awesome!

Hoping to lose 10 more pounds by the end of the month.  We'll see!!