Friday, March 4, 2011

Weigh-In and eats at BJ's Brewhouse

My official weigh in was this morning-- 279 lbs. --that means I lost 4.5 lbs this past week.  I am down 13.5 lbs!  Not bad for two weeks!  However, now begins the "Bandster Hell" that I keep hearing about--where the inflammation from the surgery decreases, and since the band isn't restricted, basically you can get anything down that will fit through the stoma which because of no restriction isn't a big deal.  Thankfully, I do tend to get full, though not as quickly as last week.  The other good thing is, I tend to stay full longer.  I can go for several hours without a meal so that's worked out quite nicely--no snacking. :-)  I'm not looking for food at 10am.

Speaking of food, we went to BJ's Brewhouse last night.  I found a great choice for anyone who is in the soft-food stage: spinach stuffed mushrooms on the Appetizer menu.  8 nicely sized mushrooms and 320 calories.  I did get a bowl of Broccoli Cheese soup, but didn't eat even half of it.  Thank goodness, because it was very high in calories, I found out later.  Too much cheese and it was wayyy too thick.  It was more like Broccoli Cheese casserole.  Ick.  Anyway, if you have a BJ's, there you have it.  Mushrooms. :-)  You're welcome. LOL

I bought some Asics through Zappo's and they don't fit, width-wise.  I am tempted to keep them as I know they will eventually fit me.  They are really comfortable, just too snug I'm afraid.  I need to order a new pair, because I haven't been able to do any walking, and that really has been the only thing standing in my way.  When I get to Onederland (for those who do not know, that means under 200 lbs),  I am going to attempt Couch to 5K.  That should be interesting!

We are supposed to go to Houston this weekend, but Phoebe has a fever.  She's laid up on the sofa right now....we'll see what happens tomorrow morning.


  1. yay on the weight loss!

    Those mushrooms sound amazing! I am addicted to anything mushroom. Love at first bite lol.

    Bandster Hell does suck but if you stick to a plan you can loose weight no problem. good luck :)

  2. Out of the 280's, YAY! New decades are fun. :D

    You're doing great with your weight loss, keep up the fantastic work!

  3. Thanks so much for the BJ's tip! I'm always looking for smart choices out. Their chicken lettuce wraps are also a good choice and I had them earlier this week. Yummy!!

    Awesome for you for setting the Couch to 5K goal. But you might consider starting it before you reach Onederland. I was barely able to walk when I was banded at 285, but 40 pounds made a HUGE difference and I started running s-l-o-w-l-y for short distances at 245. Running just once or twice a week has helped me get to 201 where I am today with about 40 pounds to go. You can do it!!

  4. Nice work! I am over a month out and not in Bandster Hell. So you never know, it might just work from the start and keep working. We are all different.

  5. Congratulations....that's a huge loss already! I'm jealous. Hope Feebs feels better soon.