Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Solution for Hunger


Had terrible gnawings today, good grief it was quite uncomfortable.  So, I came home and made a big cup of Broccoli Cheese soup.  When I say "made" I mean I threw a can of Campbell's in a pan and added 1% milk.  LOL.

It fills you up, and at worst, it's 180 cals.  Not bad for lunch!

Tomato soup is the same way.  Most of their soups are 230 calories or less for the whole can, and they will fill you up.

So far today, I've had a Chobani Kids Yogurt (100 cals), a banana (90 cals), a granola nut bar (170 cals) (yes I chewed the crap out of it, LOL) and this soup (180 cals).   I'm trying to stay around 1000 for the day.  That means I have 460 calories left to consume before I go to bed.  Looks like I'll be having soup for dinner too! LOL!  And I need to walk tonight, so there ya go!   I bet I will have a happy weigh in on Thursday. :-)  I'm not expecting a lot, but I'll be happy with even a POUND!

I should mention that I almost NEVER eat granola bars--I just think they are so bad for you (except for the ones that Quaker makes that are low cal/low sugar).  Lots of calories and sugar packed into a tiny bar.  However, my stomach was growling soooo badly at the dealership, and of course they have TONS of junk food, FREE, out for you to eat, with all sorts of soda and coffee and whatnot.  On top of all the junk, there were three Nature Valley Salty Nut Granola Bars, so that's what I chose. Next time I will bring a piece of string cheese with me.


  1. I think they sounds like GREAT choices! Granola bars REALLY fill me up. So, a lot of times that is the afternoon snack I will choose on work out days.

  2. I was going to suggest the string cheese ~ lol.

    Sounds like you're doing great! Keep it up!

  3. you should try fiber one cereal bars they are really yummy and only 140cals a bar. they make for a good snack. I would try to eat more calories though. Even if it's just 200. to maintain a 1000cal diet isn't great for your body.

  4. Oh Shannon, I LOVE those bars! Unfortunately they give me serious serious gas. LOL. Not pretty. Hey, so you mentioned the 1000 cals, so where should I be (or I should say, where were you at this time)? Should I be closer to 1200 or 1500? I am worried I won't lose weight at those calorie levels because of my thyroid. Any input is appreciated!! :-)

  5. They say around 1200 is optimal, any less can put you in starvation mode. :(

  6. Bananas are GREAT for helping you stay full!

  7. Have you tried the Kashi granola bars? Most of them are tasty, with no HFCS, all natural. I don't think the calorie count is much higher than the Quaker ones. I'm a soup lover, too, but the problem for me is the half a loaf of bread I want to eat along with it. Keep it up! You're going to be SKINNY soon!!