Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Got My First Fill!

Well, it wasn't so bad really, but because I was so sore from the overstraining yesterday, she numbed me up pretty good.  I was pretty anxious about it though, beforehand. It was a seriously weird feeling but not unpleasant and not painful (just "sore"--not sure how else to describe it).  She added 2 ccs for a total of 5 ccs.   I then went to work out for a little while, then came home where my anxiety culminated itself into a lovely bout with IBS.  Hurray.  Like I need that.

Anyway, I will have to let you know tomorrow how it affects my eating.  Small bites, small portions...


  1. When I was thinking about getting the band, I followed this girl RELIGIOUSLY! She actually taped her first fill and posted it. CRAZINESS!

    ANYWHO, Do you bring water or anything with you?

  2. Yay for fills. Not yay for IBS. :(

    I'm surprised they didn't put you on a liquid diet for a few days afterward, amazing how different some places are. :)

  3. Ah, but I am on liquids, I guess I should say....small sips? LOL!! 48 hours of liquids, then soft foods.

  4. Jes, I ALWAYS have water with me!! LOL but I was like that before Lap-Band, too. If I can get Sonic ice and water then I am in hog heaven!

  5. Hope it is going well! Glad the fill went smoothly.