Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A couple more pounds gone...

I think I am going to start reporting my weigh-ins once a week on Thursdays, since that is really when I started weighing in.  I have lost a couple more but I will wait until 3/3 to post a final weigh-in for the week.  That's also my daughter's 3rd bithday, so it will be even more of a celebration LOL!

Tomorrow I officially move on to thinly sliced lunchmeat, cheeses, and well-cooked veggies, along with my soups and broths.  I'm dying to have some Boar's Head shaved Black Forest Ham.  mmmmm!  I'm going to make some lovely roll ups with provolone.  I've had such a hankering for pickles that I've basically scooped out the pulp and eaten it, leaving the skin behind.  It's actually quite lovely if you're dealing with Claussen, not so much with Vlasic, so there ya go. :-)

I'm having a hard time remembering to take my vitamins.  It's making me crazy.  If anyone has any tips about reminders, let me know.  I have them all sorted out in my AM/PM pill container but that's it.

I've only been slightly hungry--I find when I haven't eaten for 3 hours, I hear about it.  The gurgling is just completely ridiculous.  LIKE MY BURPS.  Wow...longest burps in history.  It's hilarious!  Matt says, "What was that?!?"  LOL! 


  1. Yum, I bet you can't wait to get started on soft solid protein instead of just liquids and mushies. I have been craving pickles like CRAZY, wonder if it's something in the water? :)

    I have no tips for vitamins other than maybe setting an alarm on your phone. I'm horrible about taking mine too. :(

  2. YES. I am OVER broth, if I never have to see broth again in my lifetime I think I'll manage. Unfortunately, I cook quite a bit so I still have a ton in my pantry. Go figure.

  3. the burps and gurrgles are crazy, makes me laugh often.
    i try to take my pills in the morning when Im in the bathroom. i usually forget tho so I am no help.
    solid food never tasted so good as it did post-op

  4. I totally remember the burps I had at the beginning. My mom was staying with me and I would CRACK her up. :)