Thursday, March 31, 2011

Do You Like the New Look?

I changed the blog template.  I thought it was very fitting!  Get it...?  Fitting??  lol I kill myself.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Got My First Fill!

Well, it wasn't so bad really, but because I was so sore from the overstraining yesterday, she numbed me up pretty good.  I was pretty anxious about it though, beforehand. It was a seriously weird feeling but not unpleasant and not painful (just "sore"--not sure how else to describe it).  She added 2 ccs for a total of 5 ccs.   I then went to work out for a little while, then came home where my anxiety culminated itself into a lovely bout with IBS.  Hurray.  Like I need that.

Anyway, I will have to let you know tomorrow how it affects my eating.  Small bites, small portions...

Monday, March 28, 2011

Tomorrow is the big day...

The question is, will I get a fill? I sure hope so. I pulled or overextended the muscle attached to the port. It is really sore. I hope I didn't do anything wrong...anyway, I'm going to bed. I will write more tomorrow after my dr appt and gym.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bandster Hell, Stagnant Weight, and a Light at the End of the Tunnel

The title says it all.  The last two weeks have not been fun.  I have mostly felt like I don't even have a band on, but I have gotten two reminders that, oh yes, I do have something wrapped around part of my tummy.  I've had food get stuck twice: once at home, where it wasn't so painful--and once at a restaurant, where it was painful and awkward for at least 5 minutes before the food finally went down.  It's frustrating because my hunger has definitely INCREASED since surgery and so my mouth is not as careful to chew well, but also when you are distracted by two little ones, you're REALLY not thinking "Is the bite I just put in my mouth small enough, and did I masticate it 33 times??"  *eyeroll*  So I learned the hard way.

I've been stuck at the same weight for the past two weeks.  I guess that's okay, but my doc probably won't think so on Tuesday.   I go for HOPEFULLY my first fill.  I say "hopefully" because I have gotten the impression that I might not get one just yet.  I can't imagine that though, because I am going in a week after everyone else (scheduling conflct for me).  Anyway, if I feel the same restriction I did that first week after surgery, I am in like Flynn.  No problemo.  It's funny how even though I am not restricted currently, I am still not eating nearly what I ate before surgery.  I could easily put away 2000-3000 cals before.  Now it's about 1500-1800, max.  We went to Bobby J's for a burger this week and I could only eat half of it and only half my fries.  Compared to what I used to be able to eat, that's pretty awesome, so I know I am well on my way.

The other thing that has changed is, we joined Lifetime Fitness.  I am really excited about this. The girls enjoy the childcare center and Matt and I have two hours without them to pretty much do whatever we want!  It's fabulous. I am going to work with Carlos as my personal trainer for 6 weeks to get a jump start on my new routine. 

So that's what is going on right now.  I'm sorry I haven't had a whole lot to say lately.  I will definitely write about my doc's appt on Tuesday, though!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Solution for Hunger


Had terrible gnawings today, good grief it was quite uncomfortable.  So, I came home and made a big cup of Broccoli Cheese soup.  When I say "made" I mean I threw a can of Campbell's in a pan and added 1% milk.  LOL.

It fills you up, and at worst, it's 180 cals.  Not bad for lunch!

Tomato soup is the same way.  Most of their soups are 230 calories or less for the whole can, and they will fill you up.

So far today, I've had a Chobani Kids Yogurt (100 cals), a banana (90 cals), a granola nut bar (170 cals) (yes I chewed the crap out of it, LOL) and this soup (180 cals).   I'm trying to stay around 1000 for the day.  That means I have 460 calories left to consume before I go to bed.  Looks like I'll be having soup for dinner too! LOL!  And I need to walk tonight, so there ya go!   I bet I will have a happy weigh in on Thursday. :-)  I'm not expecting a lot, but I'll be happy with even a POUND!

I should mention that I almost NEVER eat granola bars--I just think they are so bad for you (except for the ones that Quaker makes that are low cal/low sugar).  Lots of calories and sugar packed into a tiny bar.  However, my stomach was growling soooo badly at the dealership, and of course they have TONS of junk food, FREE, out for you to eat, with all sorts of soda and coffee and whatnot.  On top of all the junk, there were three Nature Valley Salty Nut Granola Bars, so that's what I chose. Next time I will bring a piece of string cheese with me.

Monday, March 7, 2011

9th Circle of Bandster Hell

My apologies to Dante Alighieri for the title of this post. 

And really, it isn't as bad as I thought it would be. More like Purgatorio. Yep, I can eat more right now; yet I am fully aware that I am still not eating nearly what I was pre-band.  Such an odd feeling.  I am sure I will be more than ready for a fill when the time comes.  I can see why most people do not like this stage--you do have to be seriously careful to stay within the range needed to lose weight.  Tonight, I had spaghetti (quelle horror!  Pasta!) and green beans.  I could have eaten the whole can of green beans and I probably could have had more spaghetti.  But I didn't.  I stuck with 1 small bowl (like a small cereal bowl).  Pre-surgery I would have been able to have at least one BIG bowl of spaghetti with 2-3 meatballs.  I still stay full pretty well--I can go 3-4 hours between meals without even really thinking about food, so that's good.  I am aware of my choices and thankfully, most everything in the pantry is geared toward my banded existence.

Still...I'm looking forward to Bandster Paradiso.   Restriction, and perhaps a smaller swimsuit size. :-)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Weigh-In and eats at BJ's Brewhouse

My official weigh in was this morning-- 279 lbs. --that means I lost 4.5 lbs this past week.  I am down 13.5 lbs!  Not bad for two weeks!  However, now begins the "Bandster Hell" that I keep hearing about--where the inflammation from the surgery decreases, and since the band isn't restricted, basically you can get anything down that will fit through the stoma which because of no restriction isn't a big deal.  Thankfully, I do tend to get full, though not as quickly as last week.  The other good thing is, I tend to stay full longer.  I can go for several hours without a meal so that's worked out quite nicely--no snacking. :-)  I'm not looking for food at 10am.

Speaking of food, we went to BJ's Brewhouse last night.  I found a great choice for anyone who is in the soft-food stage: spinach stuffed mushrooms on the Appetizer menu.  8 nicely sized mushrooms and 320 calories.  I did get a bowl of Broccoli Cheese soup, but didn't eat even half of it.  Thank goodness, because it was very high in calories, I found out later.  Too much cheese and it was wayyy too thick.  It was more like Broccoli Cheese casserole.  Ick.  Anyway, if you have a BJ's, there you have it.  Mushrooms. :-)  You're welcome. LOL

I bought some Asics through Zappo's and they don't fit, width-wise.  I am tempted to keep them as I know they will eventually fit me.  They are really comfortable, just too snug I'm afraid.  I need to order a new pair, because I haven't been able to do any walking, and that really has been the only thing standing in my way.  When I get to Onederland (for those who do not know, that means under 200 lbs),  I am going to attempt Couch to 5K.  That should be interesting!

We are supposed to go to Houston this weekend, but Phoebe has a fever.  She's laid up on the sofa right now....we'll see what happens tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A couple more pounds gone...

I think I am going to start reporting my weigh-ins once a week on Thursdays, since that is really when I started weighing in.  I have lost a couple more but I will wait until 3/3 to post a final weigh-in for the week.  That's also my daughter's 3rd bithday, so it will be even more of a celebration LOL!

Tomorrow I officially move on to thinly sliced lunchmeat, cheeses, and well-cooked veggies, along with my soups and broths.  I'm dying to have some Boar's Head shaved Black Forest Ham.  mmmmm!  I'm going to make some lovely roll ups with provolone.  I've had such a hankering for pickles that I've basically scooped out the pulp and eaten it, leaving the skin behind.  It's actually quite lovely if you're dealing with Claussen, not so much with Vlasic, so there ya go. :-)

I'm having a hard time remembering to take my vitamins.  It's making me crazy.  If anyone has any tips about reminders, let me know.  I have them all sorted out in my AM/PM pill container but that's it.

I've only been slightly hungry--I find when I haven't eaten for 3 hours, I hear about it.  The gurgling is just completely ridiculous.  LIKE MY BURPS.  Wow...longest burps in history.  It's hilarious!  Matt says, "What was that?!?"  LOL!