Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Today is my one week Banderversary!

Boy, last week at this time I was sacked out.  I feel pretty good about my week, even though I have not been 100% faithful to the clear liquids/no coffee mantra.  It's certainly frustrating to watch others chow down because their doctors are more liberal in regard to their diet, but overall I am happy that my doctor has limits because I know I need them.  I just hope that he lifts some of those limits for me tomorrow.  I really didn't realize I would be so famished, yet all I have to do is have a little something and I am totally full.  I have been told that when I go for a fill my famished feeling will most likely go away, and it should also ease up the more I lose.
I get scared that because of my Hashimoto's I actually will not lose very much.  I have kind of accepted that.  I'd be happy if I could lose 50 lbs. Matt seems to think I will be able to make goal.  I just want to be realistic, that's all. I expect no miracles, despite hard work.  I hope I don't seem too negative, but I have experience in this category.  I knew going into this that it might not work as well as with other people.  If it does, then that is just a bonus.
I have my first support group meeting tomorrow at 10:00AM.  I am excited about it.  My doctor's appointment is at 1.  I will update y'all when I get back. 

Night night! :-)

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  1. What is your goal?! I don't think I read it. I'm sorry if I simply missed it :(

    You can work your band.... I know a girl who lost 100 pounds (maybe more at this point!!) Everyone is different!!

    But, happy ONE WEEK!

    ps. when I was thinking lapband I went to this page A LOT. You'd find me on my phone looking at her videos all the time.. so if you ever have a free minute check her out!