Thursday, February 17, 2011


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Well...I was banded at 8AM this morning.

It was all rather uneventful, actually. My sister-in-law Stacy came to the house at 5AM (I owe her BIG time) to make sure Phoebe got on the bus and that Paige was looked after while Matt and I were at the hospital. We arrived at the hospital a little after 6 and because I was already pre-admitted, I just had to get ready. They took me back to pre-op while Matt went to the waiting room. I changed into a gown, laid down in a bed/stretcher, and the nurses hooked me up to a heart rate/BP monitor. My IV was put in with no problems, and I had a shot of anticoagulant in my arm. Matt was allowed to come back in and wait with me. The anesthesiologist came in to talk with me. He was very nice. I told him about my kinda rough experience with intubation during my first cerclage (and I never woke up when it was removed so he remembered!). Then Dr. Cavazos came in, I introduced him to Matt as "my son, Dr. Cavazos" lol, because he is so young (or I am just so old...)! LOL. After that it was on. Matt and I kissed and hugged and he went to the waiting room. The anesthesiologist gave me a sedative in my IV and I was wheeled into the OR. I remember making some kind of joke on the way but I was starting to get loopy. I remember laying there for about two seconds and then I was DONE. Out like a light. I don't even remember the oxygen mask on me or anything.

When I woke up, I was in the PACU and the nurse came over to me and asked me how I felt. I was very groggy. Kind of sore, but not really. Just tired. She let me sleep but I kept going in and out of sleep, which I guess is pretty normal. After I was more alert, she gave me some ice chips (thank goodness!!) and then after a few minutes asked me how I was doing with them. I said, "Fine." I think in hindsight she was wondering if I was getting nauseated. I was in a recliner for recovery and have no idea when I actually was put in it. Weird.

I closed my eyes for what seemed just a moment and when I opened them Matt was there. He was lightly touching my arm, and smiling. He said, "Hi sweetie." :o) Things just improved from there. I was able to get up to go to the bathroom, and had a popsicle. I did have to swallow iodine contrast to make sure everything went through my band okay. That was cool to watch on the monitor. At 1:30pm, I was dressed and ready to leave.

We got home and I basically hit the sack after chatting a bit with Stacy and saying hi to Liam. I was sooo tired. I woke up at 6pm and had some meds, some chicken broth and chatted with the girls a bit. It was so great to see them. I fell asleep after a while and woke up at 12:30am and I have been awake ever since, though I have to say I am getting groggy again.

I did not expect to hear my stomach rumble, but it is growling. I imagine it's because even though I am banded, I have no restriction yet. So, I will have to just drink my liquids and eat jello when I am hungry. The good news is, I get full very quickly. That is a good sign as when it is time for solids, they will stay with me longer. I am not allowed any type of solids for two weeks, and only very soft foods at that point until about 5 weeks, when I can start re-introducing regular foods. I am to walk 30 minutes every day and be up and moving as much as I can when I am awake.

So, that's it for now. I will give another update tomorrow!

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