Monday, February 21, 2011

Getting kind of sick of broth, gotta tell ya.

We were out all day looking for a TV cabinet. Well, not all day--but 3-4 hours. I got what I guess is hungry for me now; kind of a rumbling but more of a dull, hollow feeling in my upper stomach. So, we stopped at Sonic, because I knew Matt and Paige would be happy (Phoebe was at school today) and I could get a small or kid-sized grape slush or limeade. Well, they ended up having real non-fat yogurt smoothies, so I got a small one. It took me well over an hour to finish it. LOL!! I like that a lot. :-) Matt had a double Sonic jalapeno burger (we have to work on Matt...). Unfortunately, it made me realize how much I am missing real food. I can't wait until my doctor's appointment on Thursday. I hope he lets me begin to experiment a bit. I am dying for some scrambled eggs!

We got two fish for Phoebe today. She is so happy about it! They're just two little comet goldfish, but they're all hers. :-)


  1. I hope he lets you advance, too. I remember when I was on liquids, I was going crazy for a bite of real food.

    Congrats on the new "pets." :)