Friday, February 25, 2011

Clearance, Clarence.

I was so excited about my weight loss yesterday that I forgot to mention that I've been cleared for some new foods and am so happy about it.  I can cook again!  So, tonight I am making a recipe, slightly modified, from my sister Robin.  It's a fresh pea soup made with onions, spinach, and ham, and pureed.  I am going to make a how-to video to show how easy (and inexpensive) this is.

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  1. Just looking through your blog after seeing you on the lap band journey website. Love to see the recipe for the fresh pea soup!
    So many of your posts so mirror what I've experienced post-op that it astounds me. And, since you are about 4 days ahead of me in this journey, it gives me a chance to see what to expect. Great to see your positive attitude!