Friday, January 28, 2011

Got My Surgery Date!

February 16 is the date! Hurray!

I am apprehensive, excited, hesitant, nervous, overjoyed...and in amazement that this is all starting to really happen. I've waited a very long time. We wanted to wait until after we had our kids to decide if this was the right step. Once we did that, we had to jump through insurance hoops, only to find we were moving to San Antonio due to Matt's new job, so we had new insurance...and guess what? WLS is an exclusion--meaning, they don't cover lap-band or any other type of weight loss surgery.

So we had to do a bit of saving, and here we are, a little over a year after our move to SA, and I am ready to take on this new life.

My surgeon is Dr. Sonny Cavazos. He is absolutely wonderful!